Equipment INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING & laser alignment

At Revtech, we install all types of rotating equipment across all industries, including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, and more.

When installing new equipment, we use precision laser level instruments to ensure perfect flatness or slope every time. 

Whether you’re replacing old machinery or beginning a new construction project, laser leveling and laser coupling alignments of your equipment is essential to optimize equipment life and reduce breakdowns.

Our equipment installation services include:

  • Precision sole plate or base laser leveling within 0.002” of an inch over 100 FT
  • Standard laser leveling within 1/32″ over 75 FT
  • Pre & post grout coupling alignments
  • Train & uncoupled alignment capabilities
  • Soft foot measurements
  • Pipe strain with coupling laser checks verified with dial indicators

We can provide paper or digital copies of alignment and levelling reports for Engineering and Quality Control signoff purposes.

Contact us today for expert installation and equipment levelling services.